Welcome to Business Architecture 365.

We are a direct-to-client consultancy service so only run a relatively ‘light’ web presence, however, this site should hopefully give a reasonable overview of our business and how we can help guide your organisation through the evolution of your technical infrastructure.

Our Pledges

  1. We’re an integral part of your team. Collaboration is key, and when we join forces, we prioritise building a relationship founded on trust and openness, going beyond the typical client-supplier dynamic.
  1. With a ‘can do, will do’ attitude ingrained in our ethos, we’re committed to tackling challenges head-on. However, if a task falls outside our expertise, we’ll communicate openly and work together to explore the best solutions.
  1. We remain neutral when it comes to technology. Free from affiliations with specific product manufacturers or suppliers, our recommendations are solely driven by your requirements, ensuring unbiased advice where your needs come first.
  1. While we’re passionate advocates for environmental sustainability and possess expertise in sustainable technology, our guidance remains focused on your business objectives. We empower you to make decisions regarding the timing and extent of progress towards reducing carbon footprints, aligning our efforts with your goals.