Our Assessments


The assessments we undertake are focused on your organisational-wide IT estate and analyses both what is consumed in terms of resources and materials and the waste produced, including but not limited to the disposal of your redundant IT hardware. The scope, which is agreed upon at the outset, defines how deep the dive will be but normally includes each of the following categories:

  1. On-premises/co-lo compute and networking hardware
  2. Cloud computing
  3. Applications and data
  4. Utilisation profile
  5. Endpoints

This project is undertaken bespoke to your business requirements and drivers to ensure viability. It is a key objective that evolving the infrastructure will benefit the environment, it is also a prerequisite it will enable the organisation to thrive and meet its growth and/or other key objectives.

The assessment is targeted at the IT estate but reaches towards and benefits many other areas which are often not directly associated with IT, as shown in the illustration below.