Concorde International is a distinguished English language school based in Canterbury, Kent, where they offer a variety of courses tailored to both adults and juniors. Established in 1972, the institution has cultivated a rich legacy of teaching excellence.

In line with its commitment to sustainability, the school recently undertook an evaluation of its IT infrastructure. Danny Bowles, the General Manager explains ‘Sustainability is part of our DNA and we know that IT is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, so we are keen to try and reduce that. But we do have an expansive operation to run and students who rely on us, so changes cannot be at the expense of the quality of the services we offer. That is why we engaged with specialists Business Architecture 365, they are technical experts with a strong environmental focus. Their objective was to strike a balance between meeting the school’s operational requirements whilst minimising its ecological footprint.’

The project commenced with a comprehensive assessment of the current IT environment, enabling an accurate measurement of consumption and waste. Subsequently, a report was prepared and presented by Peter Ray of Business Architecture 365. The report identified areas for immediate improvement, as well as long-term strategic changes. Most of the quick wins have been swiftly implemented by the IT Manager, Phil Lively, who is pleased with the results so far. As he clarifies ‘It’s not a one-off project, its far more an ongoing process. We’ve managed to achieve some great outcomes to date which include a reduction in power consumption that’s by quite a decent chunk already. We are looking forward to seeing even better results as we continue to embrace the path to Sustainable IT. ‘